Pocatello Pinball Survives Test of Time

The pinball machine lives to fight another day now that Poky’s Pinball is in business. They began with a ribbon cutting ceremony March 1st, and players and collectors now frequent the establishment, which is an impressive arcade and showroom.

Pizza and microbrews

The owners, Rich and Maggie Dupont, wanted to create an arcade that catered to the students of Idaho State University, the campus of which lies six blocks away from the business. The Duponts wanted to create a local college hangout, so the arcade features well-known arcade games and serves pizza and local microbrews. There’s free wifi and plenty of seating for the college crowd.

Antique showroom

The showroom is a spectacular collection of some of the most cherished pinball machines of all time. The Duponts have collected pinball machines for over two decades, and their collection includes a pristine 1930s Whiffle Board and a 1974 Wizard, sure to impress every novice and collector. To walk into the showroom is like walking through time, and the perfect condition of the Dupont’s restored games make it a time travelling adventure.

Student discounts

Poky’s Pinball is a niche industry, one which the Duponts were hesitant to enter until they considered the college crowd. They offer student discounts to the arcade and food items, and they offer student discounts on pinball machines, which can be purchased for as little as $300. They have many pinball machines in-house for sale, but they also order and search for machines for those who are seeking specific games.

“Most of our collector clients are searching for something specific, but the average college student simply wants to play a casual game while drinking a beer with his buddy,” said Mr. Dupont. “Pinball is the perfect solution for this.”

Repair shop

The Duponts realize they are in a dying industry, and they are one of few survivors who have made it through retro revival and the combination of entertainment, sales, and services that they offer. Their passion for pinball machines and their expertise in pinball machines has naturally led to their ability to repair and restore pinball machines. If they can’t find a part for your pinball machine, Mrs. Dupont can make it, and they frequently use 3-D printers and metal working talent to restore pinball machines deemed beyond-repair. Don’t toss out your broken pinball machine. The Duponts can fix it!

Come on down and check us out!

Even if you aren’t a pinball machine enthusiast, Poky’s Pinball is worth checking out. They also do events! If you are interested in hosting a party at Poky’s Pinball, Contact Us.