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Are you looking for vintage pinball machines? Are you running a business that serves kids? Do you need a pinball machine to go with your arcade machines? We’ve got pinball machines for sale here, and we’re so excited to showcase them for you! Each pinball machine is its own small work of art, and we have quite a variety of pinball machines for you to choose from. Let’s go over some of our pinball machines for sale. We have some Metallica and KISS classics that play music for you that gets louder the higher your score goes, Star Trek and the Walking Dead which offer you some fun pinball games and story quests, and some old classics including the Mustangs, Whoa Nellie!, and Wrestlemania. Each of these pinball machines has meticulous graphic artwork and audio features such as voice narration, music, and sound effects. Choice of difficulty levels makes these machines enjoyable for beginners and experienced players alike. LEDs add bright lights, and the frames of these machines are black powder-coated steel. Finding a pinball machine for sale that has everything you want has never been easier! Each pinball machine for sale has classic and modern components such as kickout holes, flippers, lanes, drop targets, bumpers, and drains. It’s amazing to be able to offer you a pinball machine for sale that has additional features including story scenarios, quests, lighted paths, and unlockable rewards. These fun pinball machines just get more fun as you play because higher scores open up more adventures!

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