Screen Time to Face Time : How Having a Shuffleboard Brings People Together

Missing Time : When Did Face Time Turn into Screen Time?

It certainly can be argued that one piece of human culture that has survived the test of time is the game. Games have been around in iterations since the dawn of mankind. However, as culture has changed so too has the nature of the game. Today, games are almost always in reference to some sort of screen-related puzzle. Apps, websites and other virtual realities have replaced traditional games. Unfortunately, this has also cut down on interpersonal relationships and people spending time with actual, physical people. In fact, psychologists have estimated that when children and teens spend too much time looking at a screen, it impacts their future relationships (especially the relationship with their parents). This research as well as other research strongly suggests that we need to abandon the modern, screen-heavy games of the current trend and opt for games that require interpersonal interaction. Shuffleboard is a fun and competitive game option for bringing people together and growing interpersonal relationships!

Why is Shuffleboard a Good Family Game?

Many times, when people think of shuffleboard tables they think of dusty old bars with a single shuffleboard in the corner. While shuffleboards certainly do exist at bars (and often thrive), their main goal is to bring people together. In fact, shuffleboard was invented just for that. Shuffleboard originated in England, and was thought to be a game that aristocrats and royalty would play. You must interact with people while playing shuffleboard, and there is no real way to avoid that. Additionally, if you have a large family you have the opportunity to make shuffleboard a team game. But despite the interpersonal benefits, playing games in which you must interact with people has been shown to improve cognitive skills, among other health benefits.


Bringing a Shuffleboard Into the Home

While most would never think to include a shuffleboard in their home game collection, it is no more strange than having a pool or air hockey table. Upkeep is generally very simple, and general upkeep includes only paying attention to the wax, keeping it at a decent temperature and humidity as you wood any other piece of treated wood, and keeping it out of direct sunlight. It can be bought for around or less than the same price as a billiards table, and is a lot more fun for younger kids. Additionally, it can be put up against a wall, making it a little more space-effective than a billiards or an air hockey table, which usually require the center of the room for free movement.


If you are trying to find a way to bring family and friends together, you should seriously consider a shuffleboard. You’ll relish in the time spent as much as you will the excitement of the game. For more information or for pricing on a board, check out these shuffleboard tables for sale. You’ll be happy you did.